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2016 Visa Gift Card Raffle Draw

The results are in and no doubt there will be some very happy people ahead Christmas this year.

Drawn today (3rd Dec 2016) at the fire station in front of a small crowd of members and locals are the results and prize winners of our brigade 2016 Visa Gift Card Raffle.

We would very much like to thank all the people who supported our raffle and fire brigade through their ticket purchases. We would also like to publicly thank neighbouring fire brigades for generously allowing us to advertise and sell our raffle tickets in their coverage areas.

We are posting the raffle draw in a video format for all to see. We apologise in advance for any mispronunciation of winners names and for the slightly low volume of the sound.


*** Please Note: As per the strict guidelines of the raffle process, alll dollar amounts stated in the video are describing the Gift Card amounts won by each prize winner. All prizes are in the form of gift card. No cash or cash redeemable prizes were offered or will be given as part of the raffle draw


Winning ticket numbers and names are also listed below as per our terms and conditions (as listed on the raffle tickets).

Again, thank you everyone who supported our fire brigade in this large fundraising effort.

Congratulations to the winners.

Prize Winners

1st Prize: ($2000 value Gift Cards): S. Campbell (Ballan) Ticket No: 1251
2nd Prize: ($1000 value Gift Cards): P. Nikolouski (No Suburb) Ticket No: 0644
3rd Prize: ($750 value Gift Cards): F. Koeleman (Dereel) Ticket No: 0208
4th Prize: ($500 value Gift Cards): A. James (Redan) Ticket No: 1097
5th Prize: ($100 value Gift Cards): S. Banks (Ballarat East) Ticket No: 0929
6th Prize: ($100 value Gift Cards): B. Taylor (Soldiers Hill) Ticket No: 0234
7th Prize: ($100 value Gift Cards): S. Hooper (Sebastopol) Ticket No: 0155
8th Prize: ($100 value Gift Cards): J. Anthony (No Suburb) Ticket No: 0296
9th Prize: ($100 value Gift Cards): G. Banks (Ballarat) Ticket No: 0924
10th Prize: ($100 value Gift Cards): B. Jew (Sebastopol) Ticket No: 0211

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